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MOAA Ladies Donations Year Ending 2023

Updated: Jan 15

Homeless Veterans –  YTD $682   YTD Items delivered   1182

Nov/Dec collection $149.00   Items delivered Nov/Dec   0 

**Items requested – Canned meat (Spam, chicken), canned spaghetti & ravioli, protein bars, can hearty soups, box crackers packaged in tubes, small serve shelf stable milk, single serve juices, single serve potato chips and hygiene items, hand warmers


Spokane Veteran’s Home – YTD   $0        YTD Items delivered 4448

December items delivered -   1336   items   

Items delivered in Dec.:  630 new greeting cards, 13 gift wrap, 135 unfinished wood crafts, 12 glitter, 7 misc. craft, 1 felt wreath craft, 28 word search/color books, 18 CDs, 36 calendars, 94 magazines, 6 boxes crayons, 16 birthday plates, 144 hangers, 8 cookie mix, 2 chalk boards, 9 note pads, 23 pens, 12 men’s wallets, 11 gloves/pairs socks/t-shirt, 96 hair clips, 2 back packs, 5 shopping totes, and 28 misc. hygiene products (disp. razors/ body spray/hair brushes/toiletry bags) etc.

**Items requested – Calendars, plastic tube type hangers, men’s wallets, postage stamps, new hair brushes and hair clips, music CDs, unused greeting cards for birthdays, anniversary, sympathy  etc., craft items, magazines, new military hats, DVD or Blue Ray movies, Command hooks all sizes, baking mixes brownies, cookies, etc., new travel type neck pillows, Old Spice/Axe body wash and body spray, wall clocks with large numbers, used IPods


Meals on Wheels –   YTD donation $84


Christ Kitchen - YTD donation $100


Holiday Wreaths -   $376

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