Project Updates

Edie Wilson is the chair for the Food Bank and in 2014 she gathered $420 and 53 pounds of food for the food bank.

Pat Tolley is the chair for the Homeless Veterans Program and in 2014 she took 1,373 items (some purchased with our $229 cash donations) to help the homeless veterans program meet their goals of serving our less fortunate veterans.

Elaine Anderson is the chair for the Spokane Veterans Home and delivered 1,016 items to the veterans home to help fill their needs.

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Canned meat, snack size chips, fruit cups or easy open cans, Spam, protein bars, full size hygiene items, XL white t-shirts

Residents at the Washington State Spokane Veterans Home would appreciate used iPods, postage stamps, hair brushes, reading glasses, CDs, wall clocks with large numbers, plastic tube type hangers, unus