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Navy ball cap delivery at the Spokane Veterans Home

In preparation for the Army-Navy Game, Shirley, Rufus, Peg Burke (Fleet Reserve Association Branch 38 Secretary) and Dave took ball caps donated by Chiefs on Navy destroyers and presented them to all the shipmates at the home on 6 November 2019. Since the weekly bingo game was in session we missed a few and not all agreed to pictures.

Thank you to the Navy Chiefs aboard the following ships for helping bring smiles to our fellow shipmates!

Received 5 hats from USS HIGGINS (DDG-76)

Received 4 hats from USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG-53)

Received 1 hat from USS PINCKNEY (DDG-91)

Received 2 hats from USS MILIUS (DDG-69)

Received 6 hats from USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG-96)

Received 8 VIP hats from USS STOUT (DDG-55)

Received 15 hats from USS HOPPER (DDG-70)

Received 15 hats from USS MONSON (DDG-92)

Received 15 hats from USS ROSS (DDG-71)

If you'd like to donate a new service ball cap for a Spokane Veteran, please contact Dave Melges at 509-218-0735

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